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Name:Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari is a tragic figure, one with a shadowed past. What we know of him is that his mother died before his eyes and his father abandoned him. Several years later, Gendo Ikari called his son to action - in using Evangelion 01 and working from the HQ of NERV to fight Angels and protect the planet!
Throughout the manga, Shinji is pushed against his limits. He finds himself developing slowly, growing from the boy who shunned all social and physical contact into a teenager with friends and a non-related family. But his own worst enemy is himself - at many times, he will be triggered into an introspective journey. For the most part, these journeys - which repeat old memories and scars for him, again and again - only serve to push him backwards in his progress. But for the most part, despite all the friction of both battle and his utter lack of social skills, he still manages to keep on his feet.


He does not like it when others step into his business, but unfortunately it happens quite often. Many of these times, it is not based on information he gave himself, but rather on gossip or computer data. He is never seen without his SDAT music tape player, which is always feeding music into his ears. It's a way for him to stay calm and keep a certain distance from others. While he does have many in his life, he does not always see the point of them. He'd just rather be alone.


However, this preferred distance from others does not mean that he is uncaring. No, he is caring, almost to an unbearable extreme. This makes piloting the Eva difficult for him, such as the time where he was forced through his father's hands to murder one of his own best friends. This was likely a turning point for him, one where he built a cement room in his mind, trying to protect himself forever.

One character in particular, Kaworu Nagisa, put it best: "You reach out for others, yet you push them away." After being hurt so many times in the past, Shinji is quite simply unwilling to hurt anymore. But the bar may not be kind to him, as when he enters, he will find this Kaworu there. An angel in human form who forced Shinji to kill him and now lives day by day in a bar that is attempting to force him to atone for his actions. Is the bar looking for atonement from Shinji as well, or does it wish to help him? Is it seeking to give Shinji a break, or make him face his fears with this dead boy? There are so many questions and so little answers, that only time will tell.

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Shinji is from Evangelion, and is the property of GAINAX. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

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